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Salda Metal has started its Turkey adventure quickly

June 2019

Salda Metal expressed its confidence and allegation in the sector as follows: "This is not just a start or a change of location in the country but at the same time It represents an important beginning in terms of presenting a vision that leads with the development of the metal industry in Turkey.”

Salda Metal Attention to Southeast Asian Price Index

Salda Metal Export and Import Manager Mr. Fatih Caliskan stated that "Malaysian billet and diameter prices in Southeast Asia have reached the most competitive level by providing a significant decrease," and stated that Malaysian steels will be seen more in the market.

How to choose plastic injection mold steel ?

A complete set of injection mold have a variety of parts, each part of the mold pays different role and the steel to use are different as well. Choosing the proper mold steel can ensure high quality mold, efficiency and lowest cost.