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Effects of EU - USA Steel Tax Agreement on Turkish Steel Industry

November 2021

Thus, in the US market, EU manufacturers will have a 25 percent tax advantage over Turkish manufacturers. Our steelmakers will lose their chance to compete against EU companies. On the other hand, since we already have a quota in the EU market, our chances of benefiting from the EU market will decrease. With this decision, developed countries are developing free trade among themselves. They continue to protect and prevent countries like ours. In this case, it becomes very important for us to protect our domestic industry from external influences and unfair competition.

The US's removal of EU steel and aluminum taxes will not only affect the competitiveness of Turkey but also some other countries. It is obvious that an increase in the amount of steel imported from Europe may have an adverse effect on the exports of other countries. For this reason, some countries where the US imposes tariffs on steel imports under Article 232 are doing their best to sit down with the US to revise the rules. In addition, the measures aimed at stimulating the domestic demand in the steel industry, which has seen a rapid recovery this year, are gaining importance.

We hope that these and similar quotas applied against our country will be removed in a short time and we will continue on our way with confident steps as our competitive power increases. Stay healthy.

Salda Metal Clarified Its Export Route

Salda Metal Import and Export Manager Mr. Fatih Caliskan; He emphasized that Central Europe, South Asia and Pacific countries will come to the fore as the most suitable regions for exports in the new period, while European Union countries and Africa maintain their importance. He pointed out that Brazil, Spain and Japan may also become important markets for exporters in a few years, although they do not seem very attractive today.

How to choose plastic injection mold steel ?

A complete set of injection mold have a variety of parts, each part of the mold pays different role and the steel to use are different as well. Choosing the proper mold steel can ensure high quality mold, efficiency and lowest cost.